double girder overhead crane

double girder crane

Double girder crane is a important tool and equipment to realize the mechanism and automatic of production process in modern industry production and lifting transportation. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, railway transportation, port and terminal, and logistics and other departments and places.

Safety design of double girder crane On the design of lifting mechanism, double girder bridge crane consists of wire rope, reducer, hook group, drum group, motor, pulley, etc. Adopt trolley running mechanism and cart running mechanism in order to achieve the goal of carrying on the heavy load transport in three-dimensional position. In order to ensure the safety of operation, a safety device is arranged on each mechanism. In addition to the braking device, hoisting mechanism is also provided with overload alarm, limit switch position, zero protection device in the circuit, bell prompt, current protection, hatch door interlock switch and other safety devices, which provide great benefits to maintain the health and safety of the crane operator.

QD double girder overhead crane

QD double girder overhead crane is one of our company's most popular and most competitive products.

  1. QD model overhead crane with hook is mainly used in inside workshop. It is divided into two working classes: A5 and A6 according to the use grade and load-up condition.
  2. There are three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab from the side, from the end and from the top .
  3. The cab can be either fixed at the left end or at the right end.
  4. Safe slide wire or angle iron can be used for electric conduction of the crane; it can be either at the opposite side of the cab or at the same-side of the cab .
QD overhead crane

QD double girder overhead crane with hook cap. 100/20t

Cap Main t 100
Aux. 20
Span m 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 13 16 19 22 25 28 31
Lifting Height 20 18
22 22
Duty A5 A6
Speed Main m/min 3.1 3.9
Aux. 7.2
Crab travelling 33.9
Trolley travelling 64.9 65.6 61.8
Limit dimensions S1 985
S2 2785
S3 2230
S4 4030
Main dimensions H mm 3500 3502 3504 3510 3510 3512 3514 3502 3504 3506 3512 3512 3514 3516
H1 950
H2 538 540 544 550 850 852 854 540 542 546 552 852 854 954
H3 2958 2960 2964 2970 3270 3272 3274 2960 2962 2966 2972 3272 3274 3276
H4 1886 1884 1882 1876 1874 1872 1576 1884 1882 1880 1874 1874 1872 1870
K 4400
B 8828
b 310
Max.Wheel Load kN 347 360 369 385 397 409 426 345 360 365 382 394 407 422
Total Power kw 139 154 158 174
Crane rail recommended QU100
Power Supply 3-Phase A.C.50Hz 380v

If you are interested in other capacity cranes(5t, 10t, 16/3.2t, 20/5t, 32/5t, 50/10t, 75/20t, 100/20t, 125/32t, 150/32-160/32t, 200/50-250/50t, 300/75-350/80t, 400/80-450/100t), you can also send email to us.

What's more, there are many other types single girder bridge crane:

  • LH model electric hoist bridge crane
  • NLH European style overhead travelling crane with electric hoist
  • XG electric suspension over-rail crane

Design advantages of double girder crane

  • Double girder bridge crane has the characteristics of light weight, large load, strong wind resistance and so on.
  • Unique steel pin connection, not only firm and reliable, but also save assembling time.
  • Flexible bar leg, the site can be divided into single steering, convenient transportation.
  • The smallest installed capacity, to solve the difficulties of construction electricity in the field.
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