EOT crane

What is EOT CRANE?

what is EOT

Electric overhead traveling crane (EOT crane) is one of the most common types of overhead cranes, or called bridge cranes, which consist of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap. As obvious from the name, EOT crane is operate by electric, generally there is an operator cabin or a control pendant along with the EOT crane.

Products Summary:

European series overhead crone with hook is a new generation crone, it has the fallowing advantages:

  1. Light dead weight, light wheel load, small boundary dimensions, dependable performance, easy operation.
  2. Light wheel load and small boundary dimensions can reduce the costs of plant construction, save capital investment of lighting, heating and so on.
  3. Using high-quality components can reduce failure rate and maintenance costs. Lowing consumption of total power con reduce the costs, it has remarkable energy- saving effect.

EOT crane with hook cap.75-100t

75-100t EOT crane
Cap Main t 75 100
Aux. 20 20
Span m 13.5 16.5 19.5 22.5 25.5 28.5 31.5 16.5 19.5 22.5 25.5 28.5 31.5
Lifting Height 24 24
26 26
Duty A5 A5
Speed Main m/min 0.37~3.7 0.32~3.2
Aux. 0.57~5.7 0.57~5.7
Crab travelling 2.92~29.2 2.9~29
Trolley travelling 4.8~48 5.26~52.6
Limit dimensions L1 mm 705 775
L2 2075 2265
L 1070 1100
H 528 428 424 354 250
H1 362 362
Main dimensions H0 mm 400 500
H 2335 2435 2440 2970 3075
H2 2390 2540 2740 2890 3040 2550 2650 2555 2705 2905 3105
B 7700 7710
K 3600 3600
B1 227 252
F 24 174 374 524 674 186 286 190 340 540 740
Max.Wheel Load kn 263 271 279 288 295 305 313 315 325 340 350 361 371
Total Power kw 104.5 118 126
Crane rail recommended QU100 QU100
Power Supply 3-Phase A.C.50Hz 380v 3-Phase A.C.50Hz 380v
If you are interested in other capacity cranes(5-10t, 16-20t, 32-50t, 75-100t, 125-160t, 200-250t, 320/75t), you can also send email to us.

Single girder EOT crane and Double girder EOT crane

As the name shown, single girder EOT crane has one main girder, which is easy to install and requires less maintenance. Our single girder EOT crane is manufactured by the best raw materials, and every crane designed by our expert team of engineers can keep the lifting speed, trolley speed and maximum lifting load. We can offer the most suitable single girder EOT crane as per the customers' requirements. The most common single girder EOT cranes are as follows: LD type single girder EOT crane, LDP type single girder EOT crane, HD type single girder EOT crane.

Compared with single girder EOT crane, double girder EOT crane consists of two girders which can meet the requirements of heavy loads and wide spans. It is available with load capacities up to 100t and with spans up to 50m. Adopts the FEM advanced design and manufacture standards of European. The technological level reaches to the leading level of not only international but also domestic. The design of steel structure is reasonable, and conforms to the standards and specifications to meet the demands of strength, rigidity and stability. Our main double girder EOT crane includes: QD type hook double bridge crane, LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane, NLH type double girder EOT crane.

Applications of EOT crane

EOT crane is extensively used in the warehouse, workshop, and stock ground of industrial and mining enterprises for loading, unloading or relocating heavy load. Generally speaking, the EOT crane is equipped with the mechanical means to realize the traveling not only in both directions but also can raise or lower the heavy load easily. But should pay attention to that EOT crane is forbidden to used in the explosive, combustible or corrosive environment, and the working temperature is approximately from -20℃ to 40℃.

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