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what are the advantages of European standard crane

What is European standard crane?

There is no concept of European standard crane in professional terms. Its appearance is based on reliable, universal good, low price of general crane, combining with advanced technology of European standard crane. It integrated user's job characteristics and clear the market demand. So the European crane is a new definition of middle and high end gantry or bridge crane. European crane mainly include: bridge crane, gantry crane, cantilever crane, flexible beam crane, explosion-proof crane and other industrial crane.

character of European crane

Character of European crane

European crane is based on the design concept of lightweight and modularization and advanced manufacturing technology, so that the whole structure of the crane is compact, smooth operation, lightweight, energy saving and consumption reduction, which greatly reduce the cost of construction and operation of the crane and improve the overall quality and performance of the crane.

Structure characteristics

Main girder section

  • The main girder adopt optimization design so that there is a reasonable structure with light weight.
  • Main beam is box type or H type beam structure, which is formed by steel plate welding. The material of steel plate is Q235B.
  • All steel plate carry on shot blasting in order to reach Sa2.5 standard.
  • Non destructive testing is used for the main weld joint.

End girder section

  • The material of end beam is Chinese steel material 6Mn.
  • The end beam is welded with rectangular steel pipe or steel plate, and the shape of the end beam is located in the NC machine, in order to reach the allowable deviation range.
  • Each end beams has a double rim wheel, buffer and anti derailment protection device.
  • On the drive side along the main beam, double girder crane needs to decorate the maintenance platform.
  • The main beam and the end beam are connected by high strength bolts to ensure the accuracy of the whole machine and the smooth running of the whole system.

Application of European standard crane in industry

application of European standard crane

With the increasing importance of the industrial crane in the material handling industry, more and more industrial cranes are used in the production workshop. The traditional industrial crane ever without automatic anti swing function, are controlled by the operator's operation, unable to meet user demand for efficient production and safety. European crane has great practical significance to anti shake technology.

In recent years, taking into account the necessity of the modern crane to increase the swing control system, China has learned the advanced industry experience from home and abroad, and is developing anti swing control system with the world's leading level. The swing control system of the crane can reduce the load swing of the crane by more than 90%, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the crane in the material handling industry, and improves the safety of the crane in the use of the crane.

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