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what are the components of an overhead traveling crane

Overhead traveling crane is consist of a driving device, a working mechanism, a fetching device, a control system and a metal structure. Through the control of the control system, the driving device inputs the power energy into mechanical energy(i.e. suitable force or movement speed) and passes to fetching device. The fetching device is connected with the bridge crane. Through individual or combined movement, that completes material handling tasks. The movable metal mechanism connects the components into a whole and bear the weight of cranes and materials.

overhead traveling crane components

Driving device

Driving device is a power equipment that driving the working mechanism. Power driven, internal combustion engine driven and human driven is common driving devices. Because the electricity is a clean, economic energy, electric drive is the main driving form of modern overhead crane.

Work mechanism

The bridge crane working mechanism has four main bodies: lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, variable amplitude mechanism and spiral mechanism.

  • Lifting mechanism is an indispensable part of any overhead traveling crane, which is used to realize the vertical lifting of the material.
  • Operation mechanism is used to achieve horizontal transportation, which is consist of no track running and running. According to the different driving modes, it is divided into two types, one is automatic type and the other is traction type.
  • Variable amplitude mechanism can change the operating range by changing the length and elevation angle of the horn.
  • The rotating mechanism makes the mechanical arm rotate around the axis of the crane and transport the material in the annular space.

Control operating system

control operating system of bridge crane

Through electric, hydraulic system to control the operation of the crane and carry out a variety of lifting operations. Control of the operating system, including a variety of controls, monitors and related components and lines, is the interface of human-computer dialogue. Safety ergonomics requirements has been embodied in it. The state of the system is directly related to the quality, efficiency and safety of the lifting operation.

Fetching device

Bridge crane fetching device is connected to materiel by a hanging, a grab, a suction, a clamp, a support or other ways. Depending on the different types, forms and sizes of suspended material, different kinds of fetching devices are adopted. For example, the whole thing commonly used hooks or rings. Bulk material(such as food, minerals) adopt grab. Liquid materials use barrel and material tank. There are special slings for special materials which includes lifting beam, lifting electromagnet sucker, rotating hook and spiral unloading. Suitable fetching device can reduce the labor intensity of workers so that greatly improve work efficiency. It’s basic requirements for the safety of the fetching device to prevent the fall of hanging objects and ensure the safety of operators.

Bridge crane metal structure

The weight of the metal body is about 40%~70% of the total weight of the whole machine, and the heavy crane can reach 90%. Its cost accounts for more than 30% of the total cost of the whole machine. According to the different structural, bridge crane metal structure is divided into the real belly and the lattice. Complex force, own heavy weight, large material consumption are working characteristics of metal mechanism of crane. The metal structure of overhead traveling crane is the skeleton of the whole crane, which connected mechanical and electrical equipment.

Significant difference between overhead crane and other crane is large, movable metal structure and combined work of multiple mechanisms. Thus crane safety is particularly important.

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