Established in 1995, Tianjin Anson International Co., Ltd(TICO) has been in the hoist and crane business over 20 years and we have become the leading overhead crane supplier in the world. Our mission is the same today as it was at the beginning: Create advanced enterprise and create international brand. Advanced technology is built into every TICO overhead travelling crane. And we insist on listening to our customers' opinions to develop equipment and technology, so that our bridge crane can lift customers' businesses.

As one of professional overhead crane manufacturers, together with safety, improving your productivity is our primary focus. There is nothing is more important and urgent than your work safely and correctly. So our company inherits to the mission of “customer is the purpose of the service”, we will reply to you within 24 hours for your feedback. Our service team will seriously understand the unique requirements of each brand and provide professional services in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and industry best practices.


Our company has always insisted on the concept of scientific and technological innovation lead the development of enterprises. We have set up post doctoral workstation, general product research institute, technology research and development center to ensure continuous innovation. Our team have learned advanced technology at home and abroad more than 20 items, completed nearly 120 projects of science and technology, such as the technical transformation, popularize new technology, new product development and achieved 131 patents.

Our company perseveres in design work of standardization, serialization and universal, with the fastest speed, the lowest cost, the best solution to respond to market demand and maintain the company's sustainable development.

welding robot Welding robot numerical control cutting machine Numerical control cutting machine
floor type boring milling Floor Type Boring-milling
gantry type double head welding Gantry type double head welding
production workshop Production Workshop
the classification and design of bridge crane hook
the classification and design of bridge crane hook

As an essential component of the lifting equipment, the hook can be divided into single and double hook. Laminated hook has larger lifting load, so the choice is important....

what are the advantages of European standard crane
what are the advantages of European standard crane

European crane is based on the design concept of lightweight and modularization, which greatly reduce the cost of construction and operation of the bridge crane....

what are the components of an overhead traveling crane
what are the components of an overhead traveling crane

Overhead traveling crane is consist of a driving device, a working mechanism, a fetching device, a control system and a metal structure. Crane safety is particularly important....

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