Electric hoists

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CD1 MD1 Type Electric Hoist

CD1/MD1 Type Electric Hoist

CD1, MD1 wire rope electric hoist is a small lifting device, which could operate with single-girder crane, double girder crane, gantry crane, jib crane and even hoisting machine if remodeled slightly. This equipment is one of the lifting devices which are widely used in the factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yard and other places due to its ability to improve labor efficiency and perfect the working conditions.

Model CD1 Electric Hoist has only one normal speed, which can satisfy normal application. Model MD1 Electric Hoist provides two speeds: normal speed and low speed. At a low speed, it can do precise loading and unloading, mounding of sand box, maintenance of machine tools, etc. Thus Model MD1 Electric Hoists is more widely used than Model CD1.

CD1 Type Electric Hoist

We offer more models: Model CD1/MD1 0.25-5t (H=6-9m), Model CD1/MD1 Stationary, Model CD1/MD1 10t (H=9-30m), Model CD1/MD1 Stationary 10t (H=9-30m), Model CD1/MD1 16t(H=9-30m), Model CD1/MD1 Stationary 16t (H=9-30m).


YHⅡ metallurgy electric hoist is mainly used for lifting molten metal, with the lifting capacity less than 10t and lifting height less than 20m. The working temperature is -10℃~60℃ and the relative moisture less than 50% under 40℃. The electric hoist owns many safety devices such double-break, double-limiter and heat insulation board.

metallurgy electric hoist

We offer more models: Model YHⅡ 10t (H=9-20m), Model YHⅡ Stationary 10t (H=9-20m).

HB Model Explore-proof Steel Wire Rope Electric Hoist

HB Model Explosion Proof steel wire rope electric hoist

The explosion-proof electric hoists confirms to the JB/T10222-2001 “explosion proof wire rope electric hoist” and the explosion proof level could either be ExdllBT4 or ExdllCT4. This equipment could be used separately with fixed suspension rail in the workshop or it could also be used with LXB explosion proof electric suspension single girder crane, LB explosion proof single girder crane or explosion proof electric hoist double-girder crane. The capacity range is 1t-32t and the working temperature is -20~40℃.

explosion proof steel wire rope electric hoist

We offer more models: Model HB 0. 5-5t (H=12-30m), Model HB Stationary 0. 5-5t (H=12-30m), Model HB 10t (H=9-30m), Model HB Stationary 10t (H=9-30m), Model HB 16t (H=9-30m), Model HB Stationary 16t (H=9-30m), Model HB 16t (H=12-48m), Model HB Stationary 16t (H=12-48m), Model HBⅡ 16t (H=9-36m), Model HBⅡ Stationary 16t (H=9-36m), Model HBⅡ 20t (H=9-30m), Model HBⅡ Stationary 20t (H=9-30m), Model HB 32t (H=9-24m), Model HB Stationary 32t (H=9-24m).

ND Model Steel Wire Rope Electric Hoist

ND Modelsteel wire rope electric hoist

The ND electric hoist is designed and manufacture as the latest national GB/T3811 “Design rules for cranes” and with the reference to the FEM standard. Developed according to the FEM standard possible its advance design and beauty appearance. In addition, all the driving units are imported from Germany. The whole crane owns features such as compact structure, easy operation, high efficiency, low noise and environment friendly. The type of hoist has gained 13 patents. The travelling frequency control design realizes the low impact and precision position. The black box, similar to the device on the plane, is a smart safety monitor recorder, which could records all the work conditions of the crane. The whole crane adopts maintenance free design with less quick wear parts, so the maintenance is easy and the overall technology level is maintaining the leading position in the domestic market.

steel wire rope electric hoist

We offer more models: Double Girder Trolley Electric Hoist, Double Girder Trolley Electric Hoist With Main And Auxiliary Hook

NL Type Chain Electric Hoist

NL Type Chain Electric Hoist

NL chain hoist features compact structure and reliable performance and this type of crane is designed manufactured according to the FEM standard and DIN standard. The modular design of the motors and reducer make it possible to assembly our products with different speeds. The easy installation and easy operation make it the excellent equipment for factory in material handing occasions. It combines the 3D object modeling and the finite element analysis technique to further optimize the gear transmission, box structure and the dimension of every spare part. In this way, every single component could achieve optimal value.

NL chain hoist adopts Germany technology and all key components are imported with original packaging, such as energy-efficient motors, safety brake, load protection clutch and high-strength wear-resisting chain. The excellent quality makes it match the similar advanced European products. Regarding quality and performance, it always persists in satisfying the clients’ every single requirement uncompromisingly.

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