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the classification and design of bridge crane hook

The classification and design of the hook

Bridge crane is used by more and more industries during production. The main work of bridge crane is material handling, loading and unloading, so the hook is essential. As an essential component of the lifting equipment, the hook can be divided into single and double hook. Single hook mainly used for lifting materials below 30 tons, while double hook mainly used for lifting load between 50~100 tons. Laminated single hook is for lifting 75~350 tons, while laminated double hook used for lifting load more than 100 tons.

bridge crane hook

Design of crane hook should follow a few points:

  • Considering environmental requirements, it should meet requirements of strength, ductility, toughness, fatigue resistance and impact resistance.
  • The surface and internal defects should not be enough to damage its availability. Some certificate and other technical documents about the hook material should be provided by the manufacturer, otherwise the inspection should be carried out to identify the performance of qualified.
  • Meet the design and technology requirements, hook after forging should carry out heat treatment.
  • The rolling direction and fiber trend of laminate should keep in line with the pressure direction. Must eliminate the heat affected zone is formed by cutting.
  • If Laminated hook adopts casting method, its applicability must be proved according to actual experience.

Hook examination

classification and design of bridge crane hook

The hook that bridge lifting mechanism by human driving adopt, is tested by 1.5 times the rated load. The loading of power driven hook is tested according to the national standard value.

Removing the test loading, in the absence of any obvious defects and changes in circumstances, the increase of opening degree should not exceed that of the 0.25%.

The hook made of new materials need to do 100% of the mechanical performance test before the quality is stable. The inspection body must conform to the material standards. After inspection of the hook, the manufacturer should make a mark that is not easy to be worn in the proper position of the hook and issue conformity certification. Tagged content as follow:

  1. rated crane capacity.
  2. standard or manufacturer name.
  3. inspection mark.production number.
  4. hook scrapped.
  5. risk profile wear up to 10% of the original size.
  6. aperture ratio increased by 15%.
  7. torsional deformation of more than 10 degrees.
  8. dangerous section or hook neck plastic deformation.
  9. board hook bushing wear up to 50% of the original size, should be scrapped bushing.
  10. plate hook mandrel wear up to 5% of the original size, should be scrapped mandrel.

How to choose the single girder crane hook

Proper manufacturing unit certificate and other technology in the selection of single girder crane hook when the documents can be put into use, it shall be tested and identified before the use of qualified performance

When choose the single girder crane hook, there should be certificates of manufacturing units and other technical documents. The hook surface should be smooth, without stripping, acute, hair crack etc.. During work, checked, maintained and scrapped should according to the relevant requirements.

In the study of single girder crane hook, our company is in the world leading level. The production inspection of crane hook conform to a series of international standards. Persisting in "carefully manufactured, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction", TICO commits to the safety hook design, at the same time our high precision equipment lay a solid foundation for the manufacturing high quality products.

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