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how to choose the right overhead crane

It’s need carefulness for customers to choose a overhead crane. There is a basic principle for choosing cranes to follow: the higher the price, the better the quality of the goods. Good quality of the crane price is certainly high, the low price of the crane is certainly poor quality. According to the actual service condition and the actual situation of the lifting weight, users can choose the most suitable crane.

The most important thing is you should not care about the price if you have a large amount of suspended load and hanging are valuable items and the frequency of use is also high. There is no doubt that the quality is absolutely the first.

choose right overhead crane

Load is large, use frequently

For example, prefabrication field which is one of the factories depending greatly on the crane. In the period of production, there was almost no intermittent operation of the crane. It is best to use high quality crane like these factories. Although the price is more expensive, it’s durable and safe. Cheap products should be carefully considered, because they are often in order to reduce the cost and ignore the quality of the products. When you choose these cranes, you’ll repair frequently, which affect producing and handling and even corporate reputation.

Load is large, but the use is not frequent

It’s better to choose the quality of enterprise products is relatively good. Because the length of the crane service life most depends on the size of the load and especially the frequency of use, in particular. Although the amount of suspended load is large, but the frequency is less, general quality crane can also withstand the test.

Load is small, but it is used frequently

According to the financial situation of enterprises, make a budget after overall consideration. Financial situation is good, you can choose high price with good quality products. Poor financial situation, you should choose enterprise products with better reputation. Must guard against: Don't just talk about the price even if the financial is not enough. Because the crane with poor quality is easy to failure in frequent work, that causes the loss outweighs the gain.

Load is small and the use is not frequent

quality of double girder crane

Take the price as an important consideration. In this way, it can ensure the work and save the production costs. But this choice is limited to the case of small load.

In addition, occasions, environmental conditions and construction conditions of crane are also to be considered.

  • According to different track, when the hanging is less than or equal to 10t, generally you can choose electric single girder bridge crane or electric single underhung bridge crane.
  • Double girder overhead crane should be selected when the hanging is over 10T. Double girder bridge crane is the most versatile crane.


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